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Message from: Frank and Norma

Isn't it incredibly frustrating that you have built up an online audience and yet posts often fail to get much engagement?


Let us show you in just 5-fun-days how to get tons of social media ENGAGEMENT for your chamber!

Yes! Your Chamber Can Get More Social Media Engagement!!!

Here's How The 5-Day Engagement Challenge Works...

  • Every day for 5 days, engaging social media content will be delivered (for free) straight to your email inbox.
  • ​​You will also get a short LIVE video training on how to use the content. The video will be recorded for later viewing too.
  • ​Plus, you will get daily handouts to make everything quick and easy!
  • ​Prizes!!! There will be opportunities to WIN PRIZES!
  • ​AND a Certification of Completion.

Here's What's In It For You...

  • ​You will discover how to quickly and easily increase your chamber's engagement across the social media platforms!
  • You will increase your chamber's social media reach!
  • You will build better relationships with your current online audience!
  • ​You will grow your audience!
  • ​You will look like a social media superhero to your board and members!

Here's What You Will Learn...

  • ​Day 1 - How to make the algorithm work for you rather than against you!
  • ​Day 2 - Engagement strategies that are proven to work for chambers.
  • ​Day 3 - What to post, where to post, when to post.
  • ​Day 4 - Ninja Tricks - Secret Tactics That Increase Engagement
  • ​Day 5 - How to get your members to work for the chamber for FREE!

Who are Frank and Norma?

Frank J. Kenny

Frank is a successful entrepreneur, chamber member, chamber board member, elected chamber board chair, and chamber President/CEO. He has worked with hundreds of chambers over the past 12 years on their staff and member training, strategic planning, board retreats and orientations, social media, digital marketing, & technology. His chamber team was one of the first to embrace social media and digital marketing. Within 18 months of launching their campaigns, the membership of that 45-year-old chamber had doubled. Frank has served on the faculty of the Institute for Organization Management (IOM) and W.A.C.E’s Academy program. Frank is the author of three books.

Frank co-founded the Chamber Pros Community Facebook group.

Norma J. Davey

Norma learned at a very young age how important creative marketing is to a successful business while taking over and growing her brother’s small business. Now, with decades of marketing experience, she has a special talent for creative ‘out of the box’ thinking & visual marketing combined with a love of technology and social media. Norma has 18 years of award winning chamber industry experience. She played a key roll in bringing her chamber into the age of social media. She is often asked to speak and consult throughout the chamber community. Norma is the thinker on several successful chamber marketing campaigns such as Shop Local & Win and Small Business Season. She is a graduate of W.A.C.E.’s Academy program.

Norma co-founded the Chamber Pros Community and Chamber Pros Create Facebook Groups.

Join this fun challenge to get more engagement from your chamber's social media posts in just 5 short days!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
Anybody at a chamber of commerce that posts to social media
When does this start?
Monday, January 30th, 2023. We will go LIVE at noon eastern each day for about half an hour.
Is there some hidden cost?
No! We will supply you with content and training for the 5-Day Challenge entirely for free. 
Will there be examples we can copy/paste?
Yes, we will provide you proven examples. You can copy/paste what works or do you own thing.
Will the training and prizes be in a new Facebook group?
We will host this in the Chamber Pros Community Facebook group. Only those that sign up will be able to participate.
Can I get help?
Yes, Frank and Norma will make themselves available to answer questions and provide tips and advice.
Is this the same as the Content Marketing Bundle program we subscribe too?
No, it is a social media training with a challenge and prizes. What is learned will make people better Content Marketing Bundle user though.
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