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Finally, a Way to Gain New Business Through Face to Face, One-to-One, Virtual Networking!
(and no, it's NOT on Zoom!)
Meet with 8 business professionals in just sixty-minutes. 
It's FREE but seating is limited.
 NOTE: You must use a desktop or laptop computer with a cam and mic. No mobile devices. 

Engage in short conversations with successful company founders, CEO's, and executives from across North America to...

  • Expand your network and build trusted business relationships
  • Privately discuss business challenges, ideas, strategies, make deals, etc.
  • Get qualified leads, share referrals, and meet successful business people.

It's like speed dating but for business. 

Meet Other Great Users Like...

Beth Bridges, Keynote Speaker, Author

Kenny Polcari, Market Analyst/Contributing Editor, CNBC

"Finally, a Quick and Easy Way to Virtually Network with Successful Business Professionals...

...Chamber M2M. It's the most efficient way imaginable to make important business connections."

Would you value having private, 1-on-1 business-building discussions with top business founders, CEO's, and executives? 

Life, business, and success often comes down to WHO you know.

But with in-person events so hard to find you need a new way to grow and nurture your network of trusted business contacts.

M2M is the solution...
Frank Kenny, Founder M2M
"M2M helps you leverage your membership in your local chamber to grow your professional network, build business relationships, learn something new, generate leads, get referrals, and more!"
My name is Frank Kenny. 

I am the founder of M2M, a new way for chamber members to virtually meet other chamber members to build business relationships. As the founder of the 9,500 member Chamber Pros Community, my goal is to help chamber members like you meet, learn from, and do business with other chamber members across North America.

All without leaving your home or office because the discussions take place virtually through a revolutionary one-on-one, face-to-face platform.

Don't wait another day to connect with successful, established business leaders just like you from across North America or in the next town over.

"In-person networking is difficult right now so I am not meeting people like I used to. But I am meeting business people and building relationships through M2M." 

Paul Benton , CEO at The Light Digital

How it all works...

Through M2M you will build your network of trusted professionals through regularly scheduled weekly online speed networking meetings. Each meeting, you will get to connect one-on-one with business people from across North America.  

These are high-quality, face to face discussions...

Just one new contact can change your life. 

Register now...
Meet with 8 business professionals in one hour. It's FREE but seating is limited so register now!
 NOTE: You must use a desktop or laptop computer with a cam and mic. No mobile devices. 
I already attend local networking events. Why would I need this?
Local networking (whether in-person or virtual) is invaluable. You should keep attending those events. But you can also now network with top business people from across the U.S. and Canada virtually through M2M Virtual Speed Networking. Business deals, leads, and referrals often come through professional relationships. Why limit yourself to just your local area?
Can I pitch my product or service during the sessions?
Successful business networkers know that relationships come first. It takes time to establish those relationships. You may generate immediate leads or referrals from a M2M session but the big payoff comes from having trusted contacts looking out for you.
How much time will we have with each person?
You will have 6 minutes with 8 separate people in 1 on 1 sessions. This gives each participant enough time to introduce themselves, share their business information, discuss topics, deals, leads, referrals, etc.
8 conversations at 6 minutes each is 48 minutes. Not an hour.
That's right. We use the first 10 minutes or so for a quick training. At the end of the session we use the final minutes to wrap things up. That is why the sessions are 1 hour in length.
What happens if I don't want to meet with someone?
You can easy tell the system through green, yellow, and red buttons who you do and don't want to meet with. The system will do its best to match you up with those you select to meet. You won't meet with those you specifically tell the system you don't want to.
What if I am no longer with a chamber?
You must be a current chamber member to participate. Join your local chamber and then come back to this page.
Who else is participating?
You will find M2M participants from across the U.S. and Canada and from your own backyard.
Will we be meeting the same people week after week?
Many of the participants will be the same each week but there will also be new people each week.
Can we use the system as a CRM?
Yes. You can take notes, send messages, set reminders, and more inside the platform. You can build business relationships, give and get referrals, and generate leads all without leaving the platform.
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