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Meet Your 2019 Chamber Pros Online Conference Presenters:
Anne Janzer - Tech Industry Consultant & Author
Presentation: Lessons Learned from the Subscription Economy
We're all participants in a fast-changing Subscription Economy – you and me, your chamber, your members, and their customers. 

In this session, we'll look at the lessons that you can apply at your chamber from successful subscription businesses.

Topics include:

• Revenue and membership models to increase your dues and non-dues revenue
• Offering new services that provide value to members and increase retention
• Onboarding and retaining members with subscription marketing strategies
This was the most-viewed session from the prior Chamber Pros Online Conference!

Presentation: Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategies
Being on Facebook and Instagram is important, but if you want to see big results, you need to know how to run successful ads.

Janet is a leading expert in Facebook and Instagram Ads and you will hear direct from her:
• Why your chamber should be using Facebook ads
• Types of Ads and the Basics
• How to Reach the Best Audiences
• Proven Ad Strategies

Janet Johnson - CEO at Janet E Johnson Social Media Agency, Trainer & Speaker
Sarah Sladek - CEO XYZ University, Speaker, Author
Presentation: Ready or Not, Here Comes Gen Z
In this era of disruption and change, each generation brings unique insight, experience, and perspective to organizations. Remember, each generation has something to learn and something to teach. When we are open to these lessons and when we embrace the value of each generation, we position our organizations to survive and thrive long into the future. 

Discover who and what is coming next and learn how your chamber can take advantage of the opportunity to reach and engage with Generation Z.

Presentation: Purpose and the Road to Engagement
Do you want to drive stronger engagement within your chamber? Stop looking for a bunch of external solutions to fix internal issues. The road to engagement begins with purpose!

In this presentation, Justin highlights research on employee engagement and shows you how purpose directly influences one's level of engagement, vision, and accountability. He then guides you through an exercise on how to articulate your purpose and he explains how you can use the same exercise with your team.

Purpose is a differentiator. When you help people change what they believe about themselves, you change what they see and how they lead. Your member experience improves and your employees are more motivated to come to work when you live out your purpose, and help them discover theirs, too.

Justin Patton - Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author
Cathi Hight - President of Hight Performance Group and the developer of The Member Retention Kit and A New Approach to Tiered Membership
Presentation: Retention - In Search of the Silver Bullet
Nothing is more nerve-wracking than recruiting new members only to see them listed on monthly drop reports. Talk to your peers about what “keeps them up at night” and you’ll find that retention is a common challenge. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do to reverse the trend. 
You can increase member retention by 5% or even 25% if you know what to look for and choose the right strategies to implement. It’s not rocket science and Cathi is going to show you the right approach and proven strategies to confidently increase your retention rate.
Be proactive and take charge of your member retention rate!

Explore key factors that influence your retention outcomes 
2. Identify which members are most likely to drop and what you can do about it 
3. Learn 5 strategies to improve your retention rate

Presentation: Diagnosing and Solving Your Membership Marketing Challenges
There is no silver bullet to improving your membership marketing efforts.

But there is a process to go through to understand what may be causing your program to struggle and how you can fix it.
The process starts with defining the specific impediments in your organization's membership relationship and then focusing your resources, time and attention to bring about improvement. Membership growth happens when membership marketing problems are identified and systemic solutions are put in place.

Tony Rossell - Senior Vice President, Marketing General Incorporated 
Claire Louder, IOM, CAE, MPP - President of Louder NonProfit Strategies, LLC
Presentation: Save Your Job: Governance Tips that Work
Properly orienting your board of directors is important, but who has time?

You do – because doing it right can protect your job!

Learn the five strategies that help build a strong organization and encourage healthy Board-CEO relations, including
• Strong Bylaws
• Board Orientations
• New President Orientation
• Open Board President-CEO/ED Communications
• Volunteer Leadership Succession Planning
Plus, why you shouldn’t dread performance evaluations.

Presentation: Ten Pieces of Advice to Move Your Career Forward
Forget what you thought you already knew.

Come prepared to soak up some easy, yet powerful, pieces of advice to advance your career and your professional life.

These nuggets will make you stand out when you submit your resume, when you interview and when you want that next big promotion. Practical suggestions that everyone can use no matter what stage of your career you are in.
Anissa Starnes, IOM - President of Swingbridge Partners, LLC
Chris Romer, IOM - CEO Greater Vail Valley Partnership
Presentation: Chamber Programming to Meet Community Needs
What if your chamber was positioned as a community problem solver?

What if your chamber focused your efforts on building meaningful programming to your business community?

Explore how Vail Valley Partnership has developed a slate of programs leading to a 94% member retention rate.

Presentation: How to Engage Your Networking Hard Cases
Wish you could figure out what makes those networking hard cases tick?

The members and potential members who want something out of their networking, but they can't or won't tell you exactly what it is?

Here's how to know what makes them tick and how to engage them with these networking strategies and events.

Beth Bridges - The Networking Motivator, Marketer, Author
Demming Bass - StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide, CEO of New Marketing Makeover, an official national speaker and trainer for Google’s Get Your Business Online Program, & a Senior Counsel for Power 10 Capital Campaign Management 
In this session, Demming will share the seven universal elements of powerful stories chambers of all sizes can use to dramatically improve how they connect with members and grow their revenues.

The StoryBrand process Demming covers is a proven solution to the struggle chamber leaders face when talking about their chambers. This revolutionary method for connecting with members provides attendees with the ultimate competitive advantage, revealing the secret for helping their members understand the compelling benefits of joining and engaging with their chamber.

In this presentation you will learn:
1. The seven universal story points all humans respond to;
2. The real reason members and customers make purchases or join; 
3. How to simplify a brand message so people understand it; and 
4. How to create the most effective messaging for websites, brochures, and social media. 

Whether you are the marketing director of a large chamber, the executive director of a small chamber, or the staff responsible for promoting specific events, this presentation will transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your members.

Presentation: The Challenges Of A Chamber In An Emerging Economy
Chambers are connected throughout the world.

In this presentation you will learn about the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry and how your chamber might be able to partner with the Lagos Chamber or another emerging economy chamber.
Nigeria is considered an African emerging economy with prospects. It is the 31st-largest economy in the world by GDP (408,612 million US$). Investment opportunities have expanded greatly in African countries, with over 522 firms now listed on sub-Saharan stock exchanges, up from barely 66 in 2000. The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located in Lagos State which is arguably the most economically important state of the country. It is a major financial centre with GDP currently estimated at $91bn and would be the 5th largest economy in Africa, if it were a country. Lagos with an estimated population of 21 Million is the most populous city in Nigeria and the seventh fastest growing city in the world.

Toki Mabogunje - Deputy-President, Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Nigeria
Shari Pash - President of Strategic Solutions for Growth, Membership and Sales Strategist
Presentation: The R's of Membership
Membership is the foundation of your organization.

In this presentation, we will discuss the relevant points for strong membership recruitment, retention and engagement.

We walk through the R's of Membership; Recruitment (sales) and Retention (engagement), Revenue, Relationships, Relevance, Research, Results and Recognition.

Walk away from this webinar with tips to implement immediately.

Presentation: Politics and Government Affairs: It doesn't have to be scary!!
Many chambers find themselves either unwilling or unsure of how to be a voice for business, either in public policy or with politicians.

This session will uncover some tips of the trade for chambers looking to be involved in advocacy and political action, and show you that it CAN be done – and you can stay respected in the community!

Nathan Ahle, IOM - President/CEO Fresno Chamber of Commerce
Kristin Brighton - Principal & Co-Owner New Boston Creative Group, LLC
Presentation: The Post Boomer Chamber: Attracting Gen X and Millennial Leaders
Our nation is facing the biggest generational gap in its history.

This workshop describes the findings of a recent national research study that explored why busy business professionals choose to volunteer in their community, what inspires them to step up and lead, what they like best about chamber membership, and how chambers can evolve to better meet their needs.

Participants will leave with actionable data and new strategies they can use in membership and volunteer recruitment. 

Presentation: Brand Blueprint 
You only get one opportunity to have a first impression, and you want it to be the best.

Explore best practices for effectively building, launching, maintaining, enhancing, and unifying your Chamber's unique brand identity.

In this presentation, you will hear lessons learned,  success stories, and tips that can help you build your Chamber's Brand Blueprint.
Sherry Taylor - President/CEO Mason Deerfield Chamber

Norma Davey - Social Media & Visual Marketing Specialist, & Co-Founder Frank J Kenny, LLC
Presentation: Facebook and Instagram for Chambers. How to Get Reach and Engagement
Discover how to make your posts stand out and work on the most important of the social media platforms for chambers, Facebook and Instagram.

Norma is the leading visual marketing expert in the chamber industry. She is going to show you the exact strategies, tactics, and tools you need to create images and posts that work for chambers. From this newly updated presentation, you will learn how to quickly and easily get reach and engagement (and how to deal with those darn algorithms) on these critical platforms.

You don’t want to miss this chamber-specific presentation. If you want your chamber’s social media posts to be seen and engaged with, this session is for you. Includes lots of examples and handouts.

Presentation: Discovering the Chamber Road Map to Social Media and Digital Marketing Success
Do you want to attract and retain new members even while your sleep?

Potential new members follow an online journey of several steps. These steps including becoming aware of your chamber, becoming “friends” with your chamber, becoming members, and investing in your products and services.

In this presentation you will discover how to leverage the unique steps that your prospects move through as your chamber achieves social media and digital marketing success.

You will also discover and learn how to use time and money saving marketing automation tools that will help you build better relationships with your members, prospects, and community.

Frank J Kenny - Founder of Chamber Pros Community,  Chamber Focus Show, Chamber Pros Online Conference, & Frank J Kenny, LLC

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