2017 Chamber Pros Online Conference
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Meet Your 2017 Chamber Pros Online Conference Presenters
Anne Janzer - Tech Industry Consultant & Author
Presentation: Lessons Learned from the Subscription Economy
We're all participants in a fast-changing Subscription Economy – you and me, your chamber, your members, and their customers.

In this session, we'll look at the lessons that you can apply at your chamber from successful subscription businesses.

Topics include:
•  Revenue and membership models to increase your dues and non-dues revenue
•  Offering new services that provide value to members and increase retention
•  Onboarding and retaining members with subscription marketing strategies

Kyle Sexton - Consultant, Author, Marketing Strategist
Presentation: Teaching is the New Selling
Business owners are focused on the growth of their business -- not growth of your chamber.

Teaching, sharing and recommending proven approaches to business growth means being a business specialist rather than a chamber specialist.

Discover 9 ways to attract and keep members by teaching.

Todd Shimkus - President/CEO Saratago County Chamber
Presentation: Getting Huge Results From Chamber Specific Marketing Strategies
Discover the (creative) marketing strategies of this award winning chamber.

Todd and his team talk about how to think outside the box to get others to take notice of not just an event, but their community and what they believe in. - And how this strategy can work for you too.

Cathi Hight of Hight Performance Group and the Greater Austin Chamber
Presentation: Chamber Evolution
Change is the only constant and forces us to re-evaluate our roles and what we offer to continue to meet the demands of the community and our members.

If your chamber's resources are stretched to the limit and membership growth and revenue are flat, maybe it's time to "look around and under the hood" before the next planning session.

Explore how other chambers are leveraging trends to strategically realign and be positioned for future success.

In this session, you will:
•  Recognize that the chamber industry is at a crossroads
•  Discover key strategies to evolve your chamber to be the leader needed
• Explore how the future will create the winners and losers in the industry and in your communities

Beth Bridges - The Networking Motivator, Marketer, Author
Presentation: Three Networking Activities Every Chamber MUST Offer to Attract CEOs, Business People, & Non-Networkers
Networking is so important it seems like everyone should be doing it. And they should be doing it with your chamber.

 In this session, you will:
•  Learn how to fine tune and super charge your networking offerings
•  Find out exactly what you are missing to boost your attendance at events
•  Discover 3 networking activities to offer to serve the hard-to-attract CEO's, busy business people, & new or unengaged members

Jackie Lovejoy, IOM - President Dearborn Area Chamber 
Presentation: Certificate of Origin Basics & Non-Dues Revenue
All you needed to know about that stamp and embosser in your drawer!

Certificates of Origin are needed just like a customs label when you send gifts overseas to your friends or family or to service members at APO boxes.

Review hand stamping procedures, basic indemnity information to protect your organization and more in this quick presentation. 

Chambers are the only institutions deemed by the Department of Commerce as authorized to provide this service, prepare your chamber to lead in this initiative; be ready to serve your community and members!

Kelly Fanelli - Membership Director Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
Presentation: Revenue Through Membership Sales
If you don't have a trained sales person, you aren't living up to the potential of your chamber.

In this session, you will:

• Explore strategies on how to prospect for new members, build relationships, and close the sale
• Discover techniques for strategic selling, how to get started and grow a successful sales career
• Learn everything you need to know about sales from this award winning Chamber Membership Director

Sheri Skalesky & Brett Michaels - Executive Director & Chairman of the Board Selkirk Biz
Presentation: Bringing Value to the Community: Black Friday Weekend Event
Sheri Skalesky is the Executive Director of Selkirk Biz since 2008. They have an active, thriving chamber in Manitoba. The membership is currently at 200. Brett Mitchell is the current President (of the Board) of Selkirk Biz for 2016 and owner of the local newspaper, the Selkirk Record.

In this video you’ll learn:

How branding can affect the perception of your chamber
A valuable idea for bringing more business to your members and more visibility to your chamber
How to choose the right event for your chamber
April Rome Wehrs - CEO Livingston Parish Chamber
Presentation: Recovering from a Natural Disaster
One ever knows when a natural disaster might come to your area, but it is important to be prepared for the 'what if'.
April is President/CEO of the Livingston Parrish Chamber of Commerce. Her chamber was recently recognized by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, which is the state chamber of commerce, as an economic development partner for the work they had done post flood.
In this session, you will learn about:
What your chamber can do in the event of a natural disaster
Using social media after the disaster
Opportunities and lessons from a disaster
Jim Brown of Strive! and Consultant
Presentation: Smart is Not Enough - Why Board Health is the Crucial Competitive Advantage
A healthy board outshines other factors in board effectiveness and provides the greatest pathway for progress and competitive advantage.
Join best-selling author, Jim Brown, as he distills 25 years of work with thousands of board members into the non-negotiables for governance and organizational excellence.

Interview Highlights  :
• Why smart is not enough
• What a healthy board looks like
• How the board becomes a crucial competitive advantage
• Common tensions and how a principles-based approach can help
• Defining and creating effective relationships between Directors, CEO and staff
• Defining the roles crucial to high performance and organizational health and for strong board leadership

Danielle McFadden - CEO Greater Lowell Chamber
Presentation: Social Media Tools and Content Ideas
To save time and get better results, you need to be using the social media tools that are at your fingertips.

In this session, you will:
•  Get great ideas for what to post to social media
•  Learn quick tips and tricks to save you time on your social media
•  Discover tools, apps and websites to take your social media game to the next level

Marianne Virgili, IOM, CCE - CEO Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association
Presentation: "10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started in this Industry" 
In this session, you will:
• Learn how to make Universal Membership work for your chamber
• Explore how to bring in non-dues revenue through ads and sponsorships
• Discover how tiered dues and bundling/subscriptions plans are taking over the private sector
Patrick McGaughey, CPF, IOM of ChamberMentor
Presentation: Words of Wisdom From an Industry Superstar
Hear first hand from someone who has been in the industry, beginning as a chamber CEO, IOM graduate and has been an IOM Faculty Member for 18 years (and is an industry thought leader).

In this session, you will:
• Explore 'the future of the chamber'
• Discover the other side of "Shop Small" campaigns
• Learn what you should look for (and stay away from) in a facilitator for your board and staff retreats

Chris Romer, IOM - CEO Greater Vail Valley Partnership
Presentation: How did the VVP become the 2016 Chamber of the Year? 
You will hear how Chris and his team recently won 'Chamber of the Year' from ACCE and their stellar programs and projects. 

In this session, you will:
• Learn how to think 'BIG' when rebranding your chamber.
• Discover programs that can make you and your chamber stand out.
• Explore how to use 'Retention Visits' to build a stronger relationship with your members.

Micah-Sage Bolden - Digital & Social Media Director Pigeon Forge Chamber
Presentation: How to Achieve Social Media Success at Your Chamber
Social Media is here to stay and learning how to leverage it for the future of your chamber is critical. 

In this session, you will:
• Discover how to use Facebook Live for your chamber's events, programs and marketing
• Explore how to use social media and online tools for customer service and market research
• Learn how to leverage content marketing to strategically attract and retain new members and visitors to the community

Katerina Taylor, MBA - CEO DeKalb Chamber
Presentation: How to Go From Unknown to Super Visible  
Hear the story of how Katerina, the first female CEO of the historic DeKalb Chamber, is impacting her community and taking the chamber with her. 

In this session, you will:
• Learn how to create a winning team at your chamber
• Discover how to tell your chamber's story - who the chamber is and what it does
• Explore strategies on building your own personal brand in order to build your career & serve the chamber

Jason Camis, IOM - CEO Gardner Edgerton Chamber
Presentation: How a Small Chamber Makes a Big Impact
Just because you are a small chamber, it doesn't mean you have to think small.

In this session, you will:
• Discover how to grow your careeer even in a small chamber
• Explore how to generate member engagement in a small community
• Learn cutting edge digital marketing technology to attract and retain members

Norma Davey - Social Media & Visual Marketing Specialist
Presentation: Beyond the Age of Text - Images and Videos
Chambers and organizations need to move beyond text based communication.

The next frontier is images and video. 

In this session, you will:
• Learn how to create your image and video strategies
• Explore how to use video for more reach and engagement
• Discover tools to create images on any device and platform
Frank Kenny - Founder of Chamber Pros Community & Chamber Focus Show
Presentation: The Full Funnel
If you want to see ROI from social media and the internet, your chamber has to think in terms of conversion.

In this session, you will:
• Learn how to use social media to create top of funnel reach and awareness
• Discover how to use social media and digital marketing to build middle of the funnel know, like and trust
• Hear the secrets to converting your prospects into long-time members and your members into additional non-dues revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm not entirely clear if this event happens on April 24 only or does it run for a period of days?
A. Thanks for asking the question. The Online Conference opened the 24th, 2017 with our first presenter, Anne Janzer. The 19 sessions from the various presenters are recorded and delivered 24 x 7 x 265 to any device. You can watch them the day they come out, next week, next month, etc. for up to one year. You can watch, rewatch, rewind, start and stop (for discussions with your staff/board or interruptions). Hope this helps to explain it. If not, please let me know. Thanks.

Q How do the others in my office log in to take the classes? Does everyone use my email and password?
A. Thanks for registering. Yes, that is how it works. One account per chamber. I can do a reset of your password if you want to use something different. Let me know. Thanks, Frank

Q. Quick clarification question – if we sign up can we access any of the presentations at any time during the year? Or is each speaker scheduled at different times throughout the year and only available during a certain time? Thank you for putting all of this together!
A. The presentations will be rolled out every couple of days for about 6 weeks.They are all recorded, edited, condensed. Not live. So, yes, you can access any of the presentations for 1 year as many times as you like.
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